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ADT Transportion Rental Guide

At ADT Transportation, you can book car service online through the website, call, via email or Yahoo Messenger… We will receive your information and respond quickly as soon as possible to you.

You can come directly to us for making contract with our service. Or we can meet you at your home, your office or anywhere which are convenient for you for making contract with our service.


Refund policy
In case of the services are provided with low quality or wrong quantity in the agreement, ADT will be responsible for refunding to customers the cost of the unused services. Customers  also have the right to claim damages in accordance with the law .

The obligations of the parties
ADT transportation center
- Provide the right kind of car , the right brand mentioned in agreement;
- Assign, arrange professional chauffeur for customers.
- Responsible for the fees and transportation costs which are incurred during vehicle operation;
- Buy insurance for every passengers who are using service;
- In case of the car having problems or damages during the time of service. ADT Center has to find solution to complete the trip in accordance with the agreement;

- Ensuring payment is paid fully and on time ;
- Use the vehicle with the right purposes as agreed . Not storing, transporting prohibited goods or inflammable and explosive goods on the vehicle ;
- Ensure the actual number of passengers in accordance with the original agreement, not exceed the limitation of the car transport.
- Do not ask the driver to violate the traffic rules. If so, then the customer will be liable for all obligations arising from such acts.